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Amphion and Zethus admin on 08 Jan 2012 12:00 am

The Seven Walls of Thebes (I)

The new rulers of Thebes

willed that the city

be fortified with sturdy walls

against attackers,

walls which would have

seven gates

allowing entry and exit.

In this ponderous task,

the quarrelsome and jealous nature

of Zethus surfaced again.

In order to be viewed as the one

with the greater skill and ability,

he organized crews of men

to assemble stones from Mount Cithaeron

and lug them to the outskirts

of the city’s boundaries.


the wiser and more gifted,

thought it would be more profitable

and expedient

to use the magic

of his golden lyre,

which Apollo had given to him

when he first heeded

life’s beckoning.

From the poem Antiope, published in Andromeda, Antiope and Nauplius

Copyright © 2012 by LAODAMIA PRESS. All Rights Reserved.

Editor: Dr. Erez Natanblut



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